Travel Tips

9 apps that will help you get through your travels

1. Free wifi finder app

The name says it all, use this app when you are traveling on the go and need wifi. This app has 50,000+ wifi hotspots all around the world, and can be accessed by downloading the free usable app on apple’s appstore. Compatible for iOS.
 Find it here for iOS


2. Google Translate

Google translate is an easy to use app that can be used offline. It is an enviable tool for translating text and also has an audio and picture function. Compatible for iOS and Android users.
 Find it here for iOS  Find it here for Android



 3.  Packpoint

Packpoint is a pre-formatted packing list with a check off (tick list) feature. Organization is crucial for safe and happy traveling and this app will give you an easy to refer to list that you can amend while you are on the go. Compatible for iOS and Android users
 Find it here




4. TripAdvisor

If you are looking for an app to plan your vacation, I suggest Trip advisor. This app makes it easy for you to find the best restaurants, hotels, and discover fun things to do in any destination. Tripadvisors rating system will help you choose locations and experiences. Written and photographic reviews compliment the zero to five scale. Compatible for iOS and Android users.
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5.  Currency Converter

This is an offline app that is used to convert currency, simple but essential
 Find it here



6. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight gives a selection of last minute hotel rooms based off your location (it is also possible to search different locations) just prestore your cards details for quick and easy booking. Compatible for iOS
 Find it here for iOS  Find it here for Android


7. Trainline (UK live train times)

Train line is a UK based app that allows you to book tickets and see journey details for trains in the UK. It is very handy for showing which platforms the trains are arriving and departing at, as well as showing which carrage of the train has the most empty seats. Finally, trainline has the ability to store electronic tickets that can be used instead of paper. compatible
Find it here


8. CityMaps2Go

Allows you to download offline available maps for the city you are visiting. Just make sure that if you are on foot you are using the pedestrian setting, otherwise you can be taken the long way around cities, particularly if its a one way system!
Find it here for iOS


9. Trip it

Tripit enables you to become your own personal travel agent. After downloading the app and you have booked your flight, forward your confirmation flight details to Continue to do this with all other bookings and Tripit will create a single itinerary to help avoid the confusion and pain of a bunch of separate travel documents. You can access the tripit itinerary through the app, and it is conveniently available offline.
 Find it here


Hope you find these apps helpful 🙂

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