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Visiting Blackmilk in Manchester, UK


I came across Blackmilk while I was searching “freakshakes” on instagram. The photos of the shakes looked amazing, and there was no way I could resist them. Blackmilk is located in an indoor shopping market called Afflecks. Afflecks is worthy of its own post so I’ll talk about that in a few days. For now, let’s get back to Blackmilk and how utterly disappointed I was when I arrived and the shutters were closed an hour early stated on their instagram profile. There was one member of staff present and I asked him in a pleading tone if they were still open he said they were shutting early but he gave me a 25 percent off coupon and directions to a Blackmilk at another location, which was a short walk away.

The second Blackmilk location didn’t blow my mind on looks, but I was greeted quickly by a friendly member of staff who gave me the menu- wow! The menu is arranged from freakshakes, coffees, teas, to desserts. There were fantastic choices to decide from, it took me a good minute. But me being an oreo lover I had to go with that!

I ordered a triple oreo wich added a brownie and an espresso to wash the sweetness down. This is my first time having a freakshake, so I didn’t know what to expect, and damn that shake lived up to its expectations! Carefully brought out to me in a cold mug with an ice cream oreo sandwich, brownie and whipped cream on top I couldn’t get enough of it. I probably gulped it down in 2.5 seconds, no but really this shake was delicious!

Blackmilk isn’t a place I’d go to everyday, but if you have a sweet tooth, it’s definitely worth checking out. I recommend going with many friends as possible so you can order a wide selection of their concoctions and sample each others.

location: 88 Oldham st

Hours of operation: Mon- Sat 11am- 10pm / Sat 11am-8pm

Website: Blackmilk

Price: £7-£20

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